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Who we are ?



Eco Responsible and Green

Water is a natural resource, and is the most important element of our Planet. We must protect and preserve it. Aware of that, Robeau wants to share with everybody this point of view, to change now our habits about the way we use Water. Then become Eco-responsible and Green. It is logical, it is Eco-logical, it is Green.



We are convinced that we must act now to reduce water consumption. We think about tomorrow, before suffering from a lack of this essential and precious resource in groundwater.


Make sense

We have designed and built a product easy to use. It is easy for everybody to see his own water consumption, instantaneous. Using our software, you will find proposed dashboards to manage easily your water consumption. Easy to act about what you see and figure out.



Robeau uses last innovative technologies (LoRa) to serve environment and planet protection. This “high-tech” is embedded in our products with last generation components. For users, just connect and enjoy, simply.

The only one connected device in the world for Water Consumption Smart building for everybody

Robeau is the first water connected flowmeter in the world which bring a relevant information about water consumption for all taps in your buildings, one by one. Indeed, today, nobody is able to see or to know directly how many liters he uses a day. Therefore, nobody is aware about water over consumption.

More than a simple connected device, a huge move for the Planet

More than just saving water or reducing your water budget, you are going to join the community of those who protect the Planet. Robeau is involved in Associations and Fundations for Water Preservation and Protection. Become Water Responsible – Join our community now.


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