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Our IoT Solution

A few words about ROBeau

Robeau is a turn-key solution, using IoT LoRa protocole - we deliver sensors and data platform to manage water consumption.

Not more than 5 minutes to install it

Installation is very easy. Our sensors are very small, with DN20 size, to be installed in less than 5 minutes on pipe. You can find other sizes like DN15, DN25 for example.


Follow up your consumption

Your Customer Website allows you to follow all your consumption, in live, everywhere you are. 


Set up your own alert

Set up your own alert by sensor to know if there is something unusual or a leak.

With ROBeaumanage all your water consumption in your building

ROBeau in 4 points

Real Time Consumption

You can follow up your consumption in live with our LoRa technology.

Data consolidated

Our data platform consolidates all data and allow you to analyse what happen in your building. 

Alerts set-up

You can set up your own alerts to receive a text message or an email if there is a leak or an over-consumption.

Predictive Maintenance

With all data available in the platform, you can start doing predictive maintenance.


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