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1st smart connected Solution to

Manage direct Water consumption and detect leaks

With our IoT LoRa sensors, and our Data Management Application, save between 25% and 40% on your water consumption bill. We created a real time indicator of consumption for all kinds of building and dwelling. Set up your alerts (text message or email) on each sensor to detect leaks and over consumption in real time. Sensors also available in MID version – Today, this is the BEST IoT Solution for water management in real time.

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Change habits

by giving access to a new indicator to follow direct consumption – because we can only manage what we can measure … 

Use our analysis tool

Our platform consolidate your data by day. You can export all data in Excel and you can compare all consumption on all sensors to do predictive maintenance.

Stop wastage

You can set up your own alerts by sensor, to receive a text message or an email in case of leak. Like this you can react quickly and avoid a huge water claim.

Customer reviews

« En 1 an, nous avons réduit de plus de 20 % les consommations d’eau globales du bâtiment grâce à Robeau, dû notamment aux alertes sms/mail de détection de fuites sur les chasses d’eau des blocs sanitaires. »
Marc G. - Efficient Building Manager
« Avec ROBEAU nous avons trouvé la solution qui nous permet de répondre aux objectifs 2020 puis 2025 de réduction de la consommation d’eau du Groupe L’Oréal. Les atouts de ce système sont la simplicité d’installation, la fiabilité de la mesure et la détection de fuites en temps réel. »
Charles R. - Responsable Services aux Batiments
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Our main area

Our solution is already used …

Real Estate, Commercial Centers, Enterprises

You can measure water consumption in your building by floor, by sanitary block, ... Avoid leaks and react quickly in your building. A real solution for all Facility Management Firms, real Estate firms and Commercial Centers owners. You can use our MID sensors to invoice your tenants if needed.


Reduce your consumption, manage team and save water in your industries, especially when you have cleaning stations. Reduction could be about 40% with our solution - A good way to start Predictive Maintenance also.

District buildings and Smart Cities

Monitor all your water consumption in your buildings, and detect leaks to reduce and save Water everywhere in the city.


If you can not stop water in the room but you can manage water consumption in your restaurant, in the laundry room, at the bar, and of course with your cleaning crew. Detect leaks at each floor of your hotel to avoid also huge sinister and loss of activity in your hotel.


Be smart, be green, and equip your apartment and dwelling with our devices. Like this, be able to manage water in the building and to detect quickly leaks. Get you water consumption directly on your mobile phone and be alerted if there is an unusual consumption at home. You can use our MID sensors to invoice your tenants if needed.

Smart Agriculture

Irrigation, farms, ... 70% of water used on earth is for agriculture. So if it is possible to measure what you use and if it is possible to monitor and manage water consumption in your farm, it could help to save water for everybody.


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