Robeau in video

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Manage and monitor your Water consumption

Reduce your consumption between 20% to 40% a year and save thousands liters of Water.

Display your direct water consumption by tap or room, wherever you are, on your computer,smartphone or tablet.

Be alerted  when leak is detected or tap is still opened, allowing you to act immediately to avoid huge water claims in your property.

Calculate your water consumption by day, week, month, year, to analyse it and act to change your water consumption habits.

Quick and easy set-up in all buildings

With an optimised design, you can easily and quickly install Robeau on all your water hoses. Within 5 minutes, you can become Eco-Responsible.

You can easily install the solution in all types of buildings : industries, office buildings, business towers, hospitals and clinics, residential, hospitality/hotels, camp sites, schools/universities, shopping malls, airports, farms, … everywhere water is used …

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