The product

A few words about Robeau

Robeau is an Turn-key solution, embedding new technologies and new generation components to serve the environment and protect the Planet.

Blades in our flowmeter : reliability and accuracy

Electromagnetic blades are selected for their High Quality and reliability. We tested them in real condition in laboratory. The flow is directly sent to our network server by the small box. And then you receive data on your devices.

The Robeau Body : High Tech first

Our components are strong enough to send data in real time to your devices, and calculate your Water volume used. A lot of technologies concentrated in the small box of your ROBEAU.

A very easy install

Designed by our engineers, we managed to build a product easy to install, set up and use. You have easily the power to enter in the IoT World, to transform your building into Smart and Green building.

What you could gain with ROBEAU


% water saved


% money saved on your water invoices


min for the installation of a Robeau

LoRa Technology

With LoRa Tecchnology, you could use your ROBEAU for a long time, without changing batteries for 2 years (minima). Indeed, this smart technology uses less energy and sends a lot of data without big efforts.

What you find in your ROBEAU pack :

  • Connected flowmeter
  • LoRa Network embedded
  • Leaflet to show how you can save water
  • Apps = software to manage your water consumption and see your real-time water consumption

Robeau in video

Click here and discover a presentation of Robeau.

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